Urban Outfitters Deja Brushed Geometric Drop Earring

Apologies for missing a week last week. Last week of work and there was just a lot to do, so I didn't have time to post a DIY. I am also getting ready to go on vacation and visit family is Asia for about a month, so my posting for the next few weeks may... Continue Reading →


Anthropologie Carmela Beaded Drop Earrings

This week project is the Anthropologie Carmela Beaded Drop Earrings. I would like to start off this week’s tutorial by prefacing that I did take some creative liberties when I tried to recreate these earrings. What really caught my eye were the black bead tassels at the bottom of the earrings, and that I made... Continue Reading →

Free People Hazel Coin Earrings DIY

For my second DIY I am going to recreate Free People’s Hazel Coin Earrings and I’m going to be completely honest, these earrings are a little more complicated and a little more time consuming than the last pair of earrings I DIY-ed. However, they are going to look wonderful when you are done. Free People... Continue Reading →

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