Friday Fashion Trend #1

So the last time I posted, I discussed what I hope to accomplish with this blog and my whole idea of theme days. For my first official theme, I’m going to go with Friday Fashion Trends. Every Friday, I will be writing about either a current fashion trend, or a fashion trend that I predict will take off in the near future.

For my first Friday Fashion Trends I will be writing about a trend that I think will be very big this spring/summer, and a trend that I have actually been wanting to try for a while, but I’m still currently in the experimenting stages with. Hopefully writing about it will give me the kick in the butt I need to finally commit. I promise that when I do, I will definitely post pictures, but for now I will be posting pictures that I have found online.

Friday Fashion Trend #1: Socks with Pumps or Heeled Sandals

For the longest time socks with sandals have always been frowned upon, and don’t get me wrong, I still don’t recommend you wear socks with flip flops or Arizona Birkenstocks. However, this season you are allowed to bend the rules slightly by pairing your favorite pair of socks with a cute pair of high heeled pumps or heeled sandals.

There are a couple of reasons why I am absolutely in love with this trend.

#1: Wearing socks with pumps is the perfect solution to making pumps more comfortable. I never found heels to be very comfortable. Although they may help you and your legs look great, I always thought that the majority of heels were like medieval torture devices, meant to squish and squash your feet. Also, for every girl who has ever had to stand for a full day in a pair of pumps, you know how painful they can be on the balls of your feet. Sure, you could place a pair of insole inserts into your shoes, but sometimes the fit of the shoes becomes funny, which may cause the back of the shoe to rub against your feet and cause blisters. Wearing a pair of socks could solve all these problems. First, they add cushion to the balls of your feet, making heels a little bit more bearable. Second, the create a barrier between your feet and the back of the shoe, easing friction and lowering your chances of getting blisters.

#2: I live in New Jersey, and our winters get really really cold. So come winter time, my feet usually spend the majority of the time encased in booties or boots, and never get to breath, and my other shoes never get to see the light of day. However, if this trend continues into the fall and winter, I will actually be able to continue wearing all my shoes while staying nice and snuggly warm.

#3: The final reason that I love this trend is that you will finally get to flaunt your cute collection of socks! I always see these really cute socks at the store, but I never get to show them off. I mean sure your friends see your socks when you take off your shoes, but honestly how often is that? However, with this trend, you can flaunt all the really cute socks that are currently hiding in your dresser. Plus, you’d be absolutely surprised how a simple pair of socks can change the look and feel of your shoes. Also, socks are usually super super inexpensive, so you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to incorporate this trend into your life. Then, when this trend ends, you can still continue to wear the socks.

Below are some pictures of cute socks and where you can buy them to help inspire you.
The three pairs of socks below are all from American Apparel. The first two are actually the same pair of socks, just in different colors. I absolutely love the little ruffle that makes these socks extremely girly. The third pair of socks is an opaque pair of socks, made of sheer hosiery material. Both types of socks actually come in many different colors on the American Apparel website and the link for the socks can be found below:

American Apparel 3  American Apparel American Apparel 4

These next three pairs of socks can be found at Urban Outfitters. The first two pairs of socks are slightly sheer, and make them perfect for slightly warmer summer days and incredibly easy to pull off. The patterns on the socks also add a cool twist to any outfit. The third pair of socks is very similar to the American Apparel socks above, but are slightly shorter and patterned, making them extremely girly.
urban outfitters 3 Urban Outfitters  Urban Outfitters 5

You can also find a lot of really cute, yet inexpensive socks at Uniqlo, H&M, American Eagle, Macy’s and Lord and Taylor, jsut to name a few.

Below are also pictures that I have found online of people rocking the socks with pumps and heeled sandals trend. After you look at the pictures below, make sure to dig out your comfiest, cutest socks and start rocking this trend!

_MG_4844 2bb46d0482d0e12e0566d4ee213c7d1b 3 fashion - elle au - dustjacket attic. 6 fashion - elle au - dustjacket attic. 8fa6e3f3daffcd12d169ea11c2142d31 87a3ca076f9fdc85a5c0a86fd3b593bd e1dbbf2e017292f5fb3696e7915ef60a burberry sandals with socks  tumblr_mgp02yuB0r1rk19p8o1_500 item0.rendition.slideshowVertical.gingham-style-coversocks & heels thumb tumblr_n1cnn8zKcT1qc8yajo1_500

Please make sure to check my pinterest for more socks with shoes inspiration!


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