Friday Fashion Trend #2

It’s the end of May and summer is right around the corner. I personally cannot wait for summer and finally some good weather. Summer also means breaking out the shorts and tank tops, something I definitely need after a tough winter of really cold temperatures and snow or freezing rain every other day. While winter usually brings out the drab in me, summer is all about fresh, fun and bright, and my prediction for this summer is no different. For this week’s Friday Fashion Trends it is all about a print that I think is going to be HUGE this summer,

Fashion Friday Trend #2: Pineapple Prints

Before I tell you about why pineapples are going to be huge this summer, I want to first talk about my slight obsession with pineapples. When I was in college, one of my favorite shows was “Psych.” The show was about a guy named Shawn Spencer, who is a crime consultant for the Santa Barbara Police. Shawn has heightened observational skills thanks to training from his father since he was a kid. However, instead of admitting to his ability, he has everyone convinced that he is a psychic in order to solve cases. The reason I loved “Psych” so much was because although I am not a private detective like Shawn, my dad also trained me when I was a kid like Shawn’s father did. I will admit, while I’m totally nowhere near the level that Shawn is, I do tend to notice things that other people don’t.

Now, those of you guys who are not “Psych” fans must be wondering what this all has to do with pineapples. Those of you guys who are huge “Psych” fans like me will know that since the first episode, pineapples have appeared in I think every episode of “Psych.” So, because of my love for the show, I also developed an interest in pineapples. However, I always felt that pineapples were under appreciated, which is why I am so excited about this pineapple print trend for the summer.

For those of you guys who are here for the trends, I apologize for my small ranting above. Now on to why I am totally looking forward to this trend.

#1: If you think about it, the Pineapple print is actually the prefect representation of summer. I think pineapples, I think tropical getaways and piña colada in a pineapple shell. They bring up memories of lying by the beach, under soothing palm trees, getting your tan on, while sipping a fruity pineapple-y drink. Well, if you can’t get away on a tropical vacation this summer, at least you can pretend and surround yourself with reminders of a tropical vacation by wearing pineapples.

#2: Typically if you think pineapples, you think big yellowish green fruits with dark green spiky leaves. However, that’s what is so wonderful of the pineapple inspired fashion piece of this season. Some of the pieces are your typical pineapple colors, but a lot of the pieces use the shape of the pineapple and turn it into beautiful pieces of all colors.

#3: Wearing pineapple print clothes is actually easier than you think and adds a bit of whimsy to your closet. The first way to wear pineapple print clothes is to wear it like you would any floral print. Add statement to your closet with a bold all over pineapple print like the J Crew Ratti Pineapple Dress. You can also choose to wear the J Crew Ratti Mini and pair with a simple solid colored top, or a top with a small pattern.

01343_WD8313_mJcrew Pineapple Print Skirt

If you are not so keen on trying such a bold splash of pineapple, you can opt for an article of clothing with a pineapple print that doesn’t scream pineapple, like the skirt below. From far away, the skirt just looks like a tropical floral skirt, but upon closer inspection, the skirt is actually covered in pineapples.

asos pineapple skirt asos pineapple skirt pattern

If you are not a all over print kind of girl like me, you can still wear the pineapple trend. Just pick a simple tee or tank, like the choices below, and pair with either shorts or skinny jeans. The first one is the Zara pineapple print combined t-shirt. I love how the pineapple is not in the center of the shirt, but placed to one side. I also like to the print is a black and white one which makes it a little more edgy

zara pineapple topzara pineapple top shirt

Or go with this simple J Crew Linen pineapple tee. The pineapples are a gold foil print, which make it very simple, very timeless, all while adding a little bling. If you want to go even more simple, J Crew Factory stores offer a plain white tee with the same gold foil pineapple, only this time you only get one.

jcrew pineappl jcrew pineapple printJ crew factory pineapple tee

Or choose from the multitude of pineapple inspired clothing below.

asos pineapple sleeveless button down Pineapple 01 Pineapple 02 Pineapple 03 Pineapple 04 Pineapple 05 Pineapple 06 topshop pineapple bikiniTarget

And finally if pineapple clothing is not your thing, you can still include pineapple inspired pieces into your wardrobe with pineapple inspired jewelry and accessories.

41mc1RVvWJL pineapple earrings 02 pineapple earrings pineapple necklace SCTH5FW13-KHAZOOM1

And finally I would like to end this long, pineapple filled post with two final items that I am totally drooling over. The first one is a pineapple bag by Moschino Cheap and Chic. I love this bag because I think the pineapple design is totally adorable!

Moschino pineapple bag

And the last item is a pair of pineapple inspired heels. First of all, I love the name of this shoe. It is called the “Gold and Black Pina Colada Shoe. I also love how subtly the pineapple is incorporated into the shoe, while still being absolutely elegant. Bonus: They even made a flats version!

pina-colada-flat130 z-150-164150-1-SJQTwNYxzcNx (For the heels) (For the flats)

Please check my pinterest for more Pineapple printed clothing!


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