Friday Fashion Trend #4

Friday Fashion Trend – Long Sweaters A couple of days ago I walked into my local Anthropologie Store ( I am OBESSESSED with Anthropologie. Anyone who knows me knows that 85% of my clothes come from Anthropologie!), and I saw the loveliest long cardigan I have ever laid eyes on. The cardigan, which is listed... Continue Reading →


Friday Fashion Trend #3 – Day 3

The third reason I really love the Gap is because of their prices. Now, usually Gap clothes may cost more than clothes from Forever 21 or H&M, but their clothes can also be a lot cheaper. And, when you factor in the quality, they really are A LOT CHEAPER! I am talking VERY VERY WORTH... Continue Reading →

Friday Fashion Trend #3 – Day 1

Usually my Friday Fashion Trends are related to a specific trend that I feel is worth mentioning. However, this week’s Friday Fashion Trend is going to be a little different. Rather than talk about a trend, I would like to talk about a specific store. I will also be breaking this post down into the... Continue Reading →

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