I’m back!

So, it has been quite a while since I last posted. Like I said in my first post ever, I tend to start blogs, write two posts and then forget about them. However, this was not the case for this blog. I honestly wanted to keep this blog going. However, life got the better of me, I absolutely had NO TIME whatsoever.

But, I really wanted to continue. So after spending some time renaming the site, creating a new email to go with my site name, making a new facebook account, and adding a pinterest account, I am finally ready to start again.

I’m actually very excited about my pinterest account. I started adding boards that are related to my Friday Fashion Trends, so you can go there and the clothes that I am posting about. It still needs to be cleaned up a little, but then again it is a work in progress, much like this blog. I am also hoping to start posting in my facebook account, but that may still be a while. I really want to make sure I get this blog started again, organize my pinterest, and if I have time, expand myself to other social media outlets.

My pinterest account is:

for those who may want to check it out, and please please please continue to bear with me while I try and get everything back on track!



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