IbtSW – Taylor Swift (Blank Spaces)


For my first Inspired by the Stars Wednesday post, I would like to talk about none other than Ms. Taylor Swift!!!

The year of 2014 has truly been the year of none other than Taylor Swift. This year she has released a best-selling album (1989), defied a major digital music service (Spotify), performed at one of the hottest fashion shows of the year (Victoria’s Secret), and released two music videos that have been viewed a combined Four hundred million times on Vevo (Shake it Off and Blank Spaces).

After shrugging off her Country Singer role and embracing her new role as a pop singer, Taylor Swift has truly become “IT” girl of the year.

One of the most talked about things this year regarding our dear Taylor Swift is her emergence as a true fashionista. After chopping off her hair and moving to NYC this past spring, Taylor Swift’s style has become one of the most talked about things. There have been a slew of websites popping up all over the internet dedicated to tracking down each item of Taylor’s outfits.

However, Taylor’s fashion is not limited to just her everyday wear. Taylor has been bringing her fashion savvy to her music videos as well, specifically her Blank Spaces music video. Type in Blank Spaces + any fashion related word into google and the results are astronomical. Every major fashion website (elle, teen vogue, instyle just to name a few) all have pages dedicated to Ms. Taylor and Blank Spaces. And no surprise either. Considering how many different outfit changes she had (21), it is no wonder that people everywhere were all freaking out and clamoring over exactly what TS wore, and I was no exception. After drooling over her music video for at least an hour, I finally started pinning everything I could find about her outfits on my pinterest, seen at the very bottom. I have also included a link below for all 21 of Taylor Swift’s outfit changes in her Blank Spaces music video in GIFs.

One last comment before ending my first Inspired by the Stars post – I think the only person who I think can rival Taylor Swift’s closet for the year 2014 would have to be Cheong Song-Yi (played by none other than the wonderful Jun Ji-Hyun) from “My Love from the Star.” For those of you guys not familiar with this Korean drama, watch it! It is one of my favorite K-dramas for many reasons. The acting is wonderful, Kim Soo-Hyun is totally hot, it was one of the most talked about dramas in Korea and in China, and of course all of Cheong Song-Yi’s outfits in this drama are to DIE FOR!  I will admit, the ending left something to be desired, but other than that, this k-drama was pretty damn good.



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