Friday Fashion Trend #3 – Day 2

Yesterday I bored everyone with a post on the history of Gap. Today, I will be talking about the first two reasons why I love the Gap.

For those who actually read through my long history of Gap from yesterday, and even those who didn’t, all know that Gap is not considered cool in the eyes of today’s teens. They are all too busy shopping at stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Wet Seal, which bring them the latest fashions by mass-producing runway knock-offs fast and cheap. Now don’t get me wrong. I will occasionally go to some of these stores and buy the latest fashions for cheap, which I know I will get about one season’s worth of wear in before it gets stretched out of shape, or falls apart in the wash. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and that’s what I’m expecting based on the prices I am paying. However, I also believe in stocking my wardrobe with staple pieces of good quality. I’m talking about pieces that will never go out of style, will match with anything, and will hold up to long time wear (5-10 years, or until I am sick of them). I know that when I am looking for those pieces, Gap is the store to go to. Every season, without fail, Gap has the basic pieces that any girl needs in her closet. In the summer, I get all my basic tank tops and Tees in every color. In the fall and winter, it is all about the long sleeve shorts and cozy sweaters. Gap is also great for accessories. Many of my scarves – both lightweight summer ones and cozy winter ones (I just bought two this winter, one in a beautiful light blue and one pink one), bags and gloves come from Gap. The great thing about Gap is you never have to worry about poor quality. These are pieces that are well made, with good textile, that will hold up over the years. I will admit, once in a blue moon, I bought a sweater at Gap where the rib of the sweater got stretched out and create a wavy hem, but honestly it has happened to me once, and I kind of knew the material was iffy when I bought the sweater.

The second reason that I really love the Gap is because despite what everyone thinks, the Gap does have some really cool fashionable clothes. Granted, the clothes aren’t as cool as the other stores, but occasionally the Gap will surprise you. I bought a button down shirt from the Gap a few years ago that had a navy blue teacup print all over it. The first day I wore it to school, I had seven students ask me where I got my shirt, which means a lot coming from high school students. All the students were also very surprised to hear that the shirt had come from the Gap, and one student even went shopping at a Gap that afternoon, and wore what she purchased the next day to school. Since then, I’ve gotten compliments every time I have worn the shirt. The shirt has also been very versatile. I have worn the shirt in the spring over a tank top, with a pair of jeans as a more casual look. In the winter, I have worn the shirt under a navy blue sweater and allowed the collar to peek out, making the shirt a fashion statement, as well as keeping me nice and toasty. During my school’s Homecoming Week, each day is designated as a different spirit day and teachers are encouraged to participate. One day was “Nerd Day” and I wore the shirt with a pair of high-waisted pants, suspenders and my glasses for a totally nerd-tastic look.

Tomorrow, I will be posting my final and probably BEST reason for why I love the Gap. Stay tuned!


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