Friday Fashion Trend #3 – Day 3

The third reason I really love the Gap is because of their prices. Now, usually Gap clothes may cost more than clothes from Forever 21 or H&M, but their clothes can also be a lot cheaper. And, when you factor in the quality, they really are A LOT CHEAPER! I am talking VERY VERY WORTH IT! Let me explain. I was in Gap this past weekend (November 22/23) and they were having what I call a pre-holiday sale. I was not at all aware of this sale, and they only reason I walked into Gap was because I happened to be shopping in another store at the mall, and noticed Gap on my way out, so I decided to stop in. When I was in there, the store employee informed me that everything was 40% off, 50% off everything except for their long sleeve tee if I used my Gap card. While wandering around the store, I noticed a huge table piled with simple, basic, but really soft long sleeve shirts. They came in all colors, and all types (some were V-neck, some were boat neck, some were solid colors while others were striped.) and were originally 22.95, but there was a sign on the table saying they were only $15.00. I thought I was getting a great deal, so I picked out a few, and even grabbed a winter coat for $168 (I figured with the 50% discount, I was getting a great deal.) When I went to checkout, I tried using my Gap card, only to have them tell me that it had been cancelled. Apparently, they have this policy where if you don’t use your card for three months, they cancel it, and I didn’t use it at all when I was in Taiwan over the summer. At first I was kind of pissed off. I figured I wouldn’t be getting the 50% off, but I felt like 40% was still a good deal, so I let it go. However, the store employee, who by the way was totally NICE, told me that I could actually apply for a new card, still get the 50% off, and get an additional 10% off for a month for applying for a card. It sounded like a great deal, so I did. For this trip, I bought 6 long sleeve shirts and my winter jacket, and my final price came out to $124.20.  OMG!!!!!!

Final breakdown of everything

8 super soft long sleeve Tees – originally $22.95
They were on sale that day for $15.00
I received the 40% off on those Tees which brought the price down to $9.00
Then I received an additional 10% off for applying for a new card, which further brought the price down to $8.10 each!!!

1 totally on fashion, extremely chic winter coat – originally $168
I received 50% off on the jacket which brought the price down to $84.00
Then I received an additional 10% off for applying for a new card.
Final AMAZING price on the jacket – $75.60.

I left the store with two huge bags, and enough clothes for the entire winter. I can wear the long sleeve shirts by themselves or under sweaters to keep me incredibly cozy in the cold winter weather that we’ve been having in New jersey already (Even though it’s only the beginning of December). I’ve also been sporting the adorable winter coat and have received so many compliments on it. In fact, another customer saw me trying on the coat the day I bought it, and picked one up for her daughter as well.

So, for those reading this blog now, the sale at Gap is still going on, but will end tomorrow. So, get your butt off the couch and hurry on over to get your amazing deals.
P.S – five minutes after I had left the store with my huge haul, my friend and then my mom happened to call me and ask me what I was doing. After they heard about the deal I was getting, they both demanded I head back to the store and pick up some stuff for them. Let’s just say the store employees were happy to see me and I left with two more bags.

To see pictures of some of the items that I purchased during this Mega-sale, hop over to my Pinterest page and check out the board with the same name as this post and HAPPY SHOPPING!


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