Friday Fashion Trend #4

Friday Fashion Trend – Long Sweaters

A couple of days ago I walked into my local Anthropologie Store ( I am OBESSESSED with Anthropologie. Anyone who knows me knows that 85% of my clothes come from Anthropologie!), and I saw the loveliest long cardigan I have ever laid eyes on. The cardigan, which is listed as the “Eclipse Striped Cardigan” is this easy, breezy, flowy piece that just looks so effortlessly chic. The material of the cardigan is an acrylic/nylon blend, and has a striped lining the inside. The thinness of the material allows the striped lining to peek through subtly, adding visual interest. This cardigan makes the simplest of outfits (White t-shirt, basic skinny jeans, tan booties) seem so sophisticated. What makes this cardigan even better is the length. I am 5’11’’ and I always seem to have trouble when it comes to buying cardigans. In the past few years shorter cardigans have been all the rage, and they just hit me funny. Every time I wore a shorter cardigan with pants and tucked my blouse in, there was always this weird space above the pant waist and below the hem of the cardigan. I always thought it looked like I was wearing a cardigan that I had accidentally shrunk in the wash. However, if I bought the same cardigan in a size larger, then the sleeves would be too big and I felt frumpy.  Needless to say, when I saw this calf skimming cardigan, I snapped one up in the navy right away.

I wore this cardigan to death in the fall. I paired it with everything…EVERYTHING. I was starting to think people were calling me the girl in the long, navy striped cardigan (reference to the Girl with the Green Scarf – for those of you who got this reference…HOORAY shopping addicts! To those of you who didn’t, go buy and read the book “Confessions of a Shopaholic’ at your nearest book store!!!) The weather finally started getting a little cooler and I finally had to retire my long, navy striped cardigan. This made me sad, until I walked into Urban Outfitters on a whim one day. Now, I normally do not do the bulk of my shopping at this store. The sizes I feel are on the small side, and some of the clothes I wouldn’t have worn when I was younger (cropped lace tops and skirts that barely cover my butt), much less now at my age. However, occasionally I will stroll through the store since they do have some funky accessories that I love. Anyways, I was strolling through the store and they had an entire wall of long, snuggly, comfy cardigans perfect of the cold winter weather. I was in LOVE! I only picked one cardigan that day (I had promised I wasn’t going to buy anything new for a while, but I couldn’t resist), but I have plans to go back and buy some more. Below, I have created a list of all the reasons why long cardigans are a fashion staple this fall/winter and why they just ROCK!

  1. Long cardigans go with everything as stated above, and they really do. You can throw on a long cardigan with a pair of jeans, a plain t-shirt and some comfortable booties or sneakers, and you will look totally put together, as well as extremely comfortable. Also, there are many ways you can style a long cardigan. You can choose to let it hang open and free and feel it glide behind you as you walk. You can belt it either with a regular belt, or tie it closed if your cardigan comes with a tie belt to provide more shape.
  2. By wearing a longer cardigan, you can make your summer pieces last a little longer. By wearing a longer cardigan with a summer dress or a pair of shorts, you instantly winterize the summeriness of the outfit. Also, since your dress or shorts are on the shorter side side, a cardigan will cover more leg, keeping you warm and cozy and ready for winter. The only thing I would have to warn you about when choosing an outfit like this is to make sure your dress has some kind of shape or waistline to it, otherwise you risk looking shapeless.
  3. When wearing a long cardigan, you never have to worry about showing your butt crack ever again!!!! Although I have stopped wearing low-rise pants a while ago (again, not appropriate as you get older), there are still times when I sit and I feel a draft on my lower back. However, with a long cardigan, you never have to worry about someone accidentally seeing your underwear.
  4. Your long cardigan can also double as a coat (as long as it is a nice warm material and doesn’t have a pattern with big holes in it). One of the things I hate the most about shopping in the winter is having to walk around the mall with my huge winter coat. It makes shopping so inconvenient and frustrating because every time you try and pick up something to look at it, you have to first find a place to set down your coat. (This is especially true when you have already started buying things and now you have to juggle bag and a coat) However, by wearing a long cardigan, you can wrap it around yourself and you will stay nice and warm from the dash between your car and the entrance of the mall. It acts as a great barrier against wind, keeping every part of you warm, including your legs.
  5. COMFORT COMFORT COMFORT. Long cozy winter cardigans are extremely comfortable. Like I mentioned above, wrap one around yourself and it keeps you incredibly warm. A long cardigan is basically the chicer equivalent of a snuggy, nuff said!

So go out and buy yourself a stylish long winter cardigan. Check my pinterest site below for some of my favorites!


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