Friday Fashion Trends #7

Living in New Jersey, it gets really chilly in the winter time, and I mean really chilly. This makes sweaters my go to piece of clothing for those cold winter mornings. Sweaters are so snuggly that they make actually having to venture out in the cold just a smidge more bearable. Also, sweaters are extremely versatile, they come in all materials, shapes and colors, and can be worn in so many different ways.


Honeysuckles – Yellow or Pink?

On Friday I posted about Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015. I mentioned in that post that I would be talking about my feelings towards the previous few colors that Pantone picked, as well as why I think Honeysuckle is a misleading name for a color. (Originally I had said stupid, but now that... Continue Reading →

FFT – Holiday Party Outfits

Holidays are right around the corner and I am so excited. When I was a kid, the holidays meant smelling the fragrant smell of pine sap as the whole family gathered together to decorate the Christmas tree, eating delicious holiday cookies, and seeing the pile of presents under the Christmas tree grow every day. Christmastime... Continue Reading →

Friday Fashion Trend #6

Every year on the first Thursday of December, everyone waits with bated breath as Pantone announces to the world their pick for “Color of the Year.” Truthfully, the last few years of color choices have really been hit or miss with me. I have either really liked them, or really hated them. (Please check back... Continue Reading →

Friday Fashion Trend #5

Friday Fashion Trend – Edgy Plaid For this week’s Friday Fashion Trend I want to talk about something that I actually noticed a lot in the fall, but I’m hoping it will continue into the winter season because that’s how much I love it. Before I start talking about this trend however, I want to... Continue Reading →

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