Friday Fashion Trend #5

The iconic yellow plaid suit from
The iconic yellow plaid suit from “Clueless”

Friday Fashion Trend – Edgy Plaid

For this week’s Friday Fashion Trend I want to talk about something that I actually noticed a lot in the fall, but I’m hoping it will continue into the winter season because that’s how much I love it. Before I start talking about this trend however, I want to talk a little about my style history. When I was younger, in high school and college, I was really afraid of prints and even colors. I was to say the least a really muted kind of girl when it came to fashion. I did become obsessed with plaid however in the the mid-1990s when the movie “Clueless”came out. It was a movie that spawned an entire generation of girls to wear mini-backpacks, plaid pleated skirts and to walk around saying “As if!” However, at that point in life I had really low confidence and couldn’t even imagine myself wearing head to toe plaid.

Once I started working, I think I just had a breakthrough. I guess I just thought F*** IT, I’m an adult, I will wear whatever the H*** I want to wear, and that’s when I really started experimenting with my look. I will admit, some years were better than others, but at least I tried. And trying meant experimenting with colors and prints. Which leads into this week’s Friday Fashion Trend – Edgy Plaid. Now this is not a new concept. I became obsessed with edgy plaid again in October of 2012 when Emma Watson wore a pleated plaid Alexander McQueen dress with hints of black lace peeping out along the bottom and paired it with a little leather jacket. What made the outfit even better were her black spikey pump. And recently, yet again, I have seen a huge resurgence of edgy plaid.

For a couple of years plaid sat on the sidelines. It was the go-to clothes worm  by your friendly neighbor farm boy a la Clark Kent/Tom Welling in Smallville. And may I just say, he literally had a different plaid shirt for each episode and looked smoking hot in each one. However, I’m not a friendly neighbor farm boy (I hope everyone figured that out by now), so I just figured plaid was not for me. However, this fall I have been seeing plaid everywhere and I mean everywhere. But this plaid wasn’t like your typical flannel plaid shirt that’s been handed down from your brother and washed so many times it’s starting to fade. I’m talking plaid with this really dark, cool, kind of edgy feel.

So how does one make plaid edgy? First I’ve been seeing it everywhere and not worn as a shirt. I would suggest wearing either some ripped jeans, black leather pants, or a frayed pair of short shorts (depending on your age), with a really cool black or white graphic tee or simply crop top, and some cool combat boots, and then tying the shirt around your waist. For accessories, throw in some chunky silver jewelry with patina, maybe a beanie and you are good to go. When the weather gets a little colder, you can consider wearing your plaid shirt and topping the outfit off with a cool, edgy black leather jacket.

I’ve also seen plaid in some cool new shapes and some cool new fabrics. Lord and Taylor launched their new brand 424Fifth, and they have a wool coat in plaid that I fell in love with at first sight. Unfortunately, I tried it on, and it just did not look good on me, but my friend tried it on as well, and she looked so great! I’ve also seen moto jackets made with plaid wool that are really cool as well as plaid wool bags that totally rock any outfit. Another suggestion is to rock a plaid skinny pant. Just to make sure to pair it with more neutral items on top and strut your style. If you are really ambition and bold, you can even try pairing it with a leopard print jacket.

I think the final way to make plaid edgy is to just mix it in a new way. I’ve seen plaid with really professional looking pencil shirts that look wonderful, but still make a basic work outfit really cool and modern looking. After work, you can undo the two buttons on the bottom, tie a knot, and you are ready to head out with friends and go to happy hour together.

However, you decide to wear this trend, remember to just have fun with it, and check out my pinterest for some more edgy plaid pieces.

P.S (12/19/2014) – So I wrote this original post two weeks ago, and edgy plaid is still going strong. In fact, I’ve been loving some of the shirts that I’ve seen at J Crew. I especially coveting a classic navy blue and green plaid shirt there with fancy hand applied bugle beading at the pockets. I’m thinking about paring it with the black leather skirt that I got at Zara, and a kick-ass pair of black boots.


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