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Get your
Get your “drink” on girls!

Holidays are right around the corner and I am so excited. When I was a kid, the holidays meant smelling the fragrant smell of pine sap as the whole family gathered together to decorate the Christmas tree, eating delicious holiday cookies, and seeing the pile of presents under the Christmas tree grow every day. Christmastime also meant going to countless family parties and stuffing myself until I got sick. As I grew older, I still looked forward to the same things. However, there was one major delight that I added to my list, and that was attending “adult” holiday parties. Holidays are one of the few times that girls have an excuse to get dressed up in all their wonderful fancy clothes, get dolled up, and party the night away. Having the excuse of attending a party meant I had a reason to buy clothes that I would never get to wear otherwise.

This year I am scheduled to go to two parties, one is being held at a colleague’s house in Pennsylvania (which is huge, and she goes all out every year – hiring a DJ, having it catered, the whole nine yards.) and the other is on one of those Spirit Cruise ships that includes dining, dancing and taking in the NYC skyline. After shopping around online and in stores trying to figure out what I wanted to wear, I discovered three big trends that I think are huge this year when it comes to holiday party dressing.

Holiday Party Outfit Trends of 2014

Trend #1 – Tulle Skirts
Made popular by the always fashionable Carrie Bradshaw, tulle skirts are HUGE this year. A quick search on the internet shows that almost every store has their own version of the tulle skirt, whether it be tiered, calf-length, or embellished. So why are tulle skirts such a big deal? Personally I think it is because it fulfills every little girls dream at one point of being a graceful ballerina (without the years of training and the painful toe shoes). Tulle skirts are also incredibly easy to wear. Simply wear your tulle skirt with a classic sweater, or a denim button down, and pair with a simple pair of flats to achieve an everyday look.  If you are feeling edgy, pair your tulle skirt with a cool pair of combat boots or Dr. Marten to really rock. If you want to transition your look for night, all you have to do is switch your flats for a pair of heels or booties and add a really big statement necklace.

Trend #2 – Ostrich Feathers Trim
Anything with soft fluttering ostrich feathers evoke the feeling of luxury and richness. Because ostrich feathers are extremely soft, once added to articles of clothing, they will sway gently as you walk. Ostrich feathers can also be dyed into many colors, allowing them to be used for many purposes. For the holidays look for entire skirts made with ostrich feathers if you want an extremely lux feel. If you feel particularly daring, you can even save yourself money by making you r own skirt. Simply grab a few yards of ostrich feather trim, which can be found anywhere online, and sew (or glue is you suck at sewing like me) them on a skirt you already own. If you are not ready to go that far, look for a holiday party worthy top with a little bit or ostrich feather embellishment near the hem, creating an almost peplum feel, perfect for covering up your tummy pooch after a night of stuffing yourself with delicious holiday yummies.

This picture is one of the biggest reasons I started obsessing over Ostrich Feathers
This picture is one of the biggest reasons I started obsessing over Ostrich Feathers

Trend #3 – Holiday Party Pants
Usually when a girl thinks of party outfits, the first thing that pops into our minds is which dress should I wear? However, this year the holiday party outfit is all about the pants! And pants can be just as dressed up as a skirt or dress. Some of my favorite holiday party pants are the ones that are completely covered in sequins, made from glittery brocade material, or even from lace The lace ones with shorts underneath are totally sexy). These pants are just as dressed up, if not more than your typical party dress. Pants are also great if you live in a place that has colder winters (like I do), so you don’t have to worry about freezing your legs off. They are also perfect for wearing if you plan to really get down on the dance floor and don’t want to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions or anybody sneaking a peek.

So these are my top 3 trends to keep in mind when doing your holiday party outfit shopping. Please check out my pinterest page below for some of my favorite picks (many incorporating the three trends I mentioned above).


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