Honeysuckles – Yellow or Pink?

Swatches of Pantone's Color of the Year
Swatches of Pantone’s Color of the Year

On Friday I posted about Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015. I mentioned in that post that I would be talking about my feelings towards the previous few colors that Pantone picked, as well as why I think Honeysuckle is a misleading name for a color. (Originally I had said stupid, but now that I think back on it, I was probably a little rash.) So that is what today’s post is going to be all about.

I’m going to start in chronological order, moving from the most recent, and slowly making my way back. First color is last year’s color Radiant Orchid. When the color was first announced, everyone went crazy. Shops were filled with Radiant Orchid clothes, a color I thought was pretty, but really hard to match, and honestly not a color that I feel looks good on everyone. A couple of weeks later and once the hype was over, I honestly did not see that many people walking around wearing Radiant Orchid.

The color of the year for 2013 was Emerald, and I have to admit, it was a color that I LOVED. Now, I could be biased since my birthday is in May (And that’s my birthstone) but I chose to think that I loved it simply because it is a great color (or because it is my birthstone.) Buying a few key pieces of Emerald clothing really did spice up my slightly bland collection of Navies, Blacks, Greys, and Whites. I had purchased at least two emerald colored cardigans (one from J. Crew and one from Gap), a pair of tropical flowered shorts (also from Gap) with splashes of Emerald Green all over it, plus some accessories here and there, and I still wear those pieces to this day.

Going back even further, the color of the year for 2012 was called Tangerine Tango, another color I simply could not stand. Orange-red hues never looked good on my skin tone (even less that Radiant Orchid) and so I never even bothered to try – enough said.

In 2011, the color of the year was called Honeysuckle, which I have to admit totally confused me at first. (Call me dumb) but whenever I pictured Honeysuckles, I always pictured the yellow flowers growing in my friend’s backyard that we used to pick and suck the honey from. I know there are many varieties of the Honeysuckle plant, but in my mind, the majority of Honeysuckles were either white or yellow. However because of the name confusion, it just made me dislike the color.

To wrap up this post, I would like to talk about why Honeysuckle is such a bad name for a color. I mentioned above that I originally thought most Honeysuckle plants are yellow, so seeing a reddish pink Honeysuckle color really threw me for a loop. I now know that Honeysuckle plants come in red, pink, orange, yellow, or white, but not at that time. However, despite the fact that there are many different types and colors of Honeysuckle, I still think it’s not the smartest idea to call a color by a plant name that one doesn’t really associate with a color. I mean I get if you associate rose as being a pink color, or iris as being a purple/blue color (although some will argue that there are different colored roses or irises) because that is usually the first color you think of., However, take tulips as an example.  What color would you associate with tulips? They come in all colors! If you ask different people this question, they will probably give you different answers. Also, I looked up pictures of Honeysuckles, and I really don’t think that they are that color.  In fact, I think most honeysuckles are white, yellow, or maybe orange.

Please comment below if you agree, or disagree, with me! I would love to hear from you guys! Also, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong about the color of Honeysuckles!


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