Friday Fashion Trends #7

Fair Isle Sweater hanging

Friday Fashion Trend – Cozy Winter Sweaters

Living in New Jersey, it gets really chilly in the winter time, and I mean really chilly. This makes sweaters my go to piece of clothing for those cold winter mornings. Sweaters are so snuggly that they make actually having to venture out in the cold just a smidge more bearable. Also, sweaters are extremely versatile, they come in all materials, shapes and colors, and can be worn in so many different ways.

This winter one of my favorite kinds of sweaters is the type of sweater that really gets you into a happy, winter/holiday mood – the Fair Isle sweater. Now, I know that not all the pictures pinned in my Pinterest are Fair Isle sweaters, but I think they are all sweaters that are reminiscent of a typical Fair Isle sweater.

So why do I love Fair Isle sweaters this year? Because they are so gosh darn adorable. Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors, usually five or so. Named after Fair Isle, a tiny island in the north of Scotland, Fair Isle sweaters are usually intricately patterned. Most Fair Isle sweaters or Fair Isle-like sweaters today usually consist of bright cheery colors that will brighten anyone’s day. Due to the intricate designs of a Fair Isle sweater, even the simple black and white ones are visually stunning. Considering when one thinks about winter, one usually thinks about the dreary grey skies, biting cold wind stinging your cheeks, and the only color being the dark green of pine trees, colorful Fair Isle sweaters are basically the no-brainer way to inject color into a colorless world.

Which brings me to my next point, which is that Fair Isle sweaters are so easy to style. On cold winter mornings I want to do nothing more than to crawl back under my warm covers, bury my head and go back to sleep. Unfortunately, since I am an adult and should be doing adult things, I have to be responsible, which means dragging my sorry butt out of bed to get ready for work. The part I hate most every morning (other than the blast of cold air that hits me when I throw my covers off) is getting out of my warm toasty pajamas and putting on cold freezing clothes. This also means that during the winter months I am in no mood to even care about what I am wearing. All I really care about is getting in clothes that don’t make me look like a clown as fast as possible. Because of this, in previous years my winter wardrobe basically consisted of four colors – black, grey, navy, and beige. With these four colors, I could basically do no wrong. This year I purchased my first Fair Isle sweater and I absolutely fell in love. Worn basically the same way as my simple one colored sweater (layered over a button down or a long-sleeve t-shirt on colder days, and by itself on slightly warmer days) you can also pair a Fair Isle sweater with anything because of how colorful it is. All you have to remember is keeping the rest of your outfit simple in color as to not compete with colorful patterns on the sweater.

By now you may be wondering why I included a Fair Isle sweater in my Friday Fashion Trend post since these sweaters have been around since forever. The reason is I feel Fair Isle sweaters are extremely huge this year. I have seen Fair Isle sweaters in almost every store this winter. Like I mentioned above, although some sweaters are not actually true Fair Isle sweaters, they evoke similar patterns and colors of Fair Isle sweaters.

On a completely unrelated note, I would like to mention that when I was younger, I absolutely HATED sweaters. I thought they were prickly and itchy, and anytime someone forced me in a sweater I would stand there with my arms held awkwardly away from my body and try not to move until I could finally take the sweater off. Now I love sweaters (or at least most sweaters. Some sweaters are still itchy, prickly and yucky :P) and wear them almost every day. Funny how people change!

If you love cozy winter sweaters, especially those that are fair Isle inspired, please head over to my pinterest (link below) to check out my picks!


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