Friday Fashion Trend #9

Friday Fashion Trend – Gingham When one thinks of gingham, there are many things that could pop into your head. Picnic blankets, iconic diner waitress uniforms, the instagram account that documents "that J Crew gingham shirt." - in case anyone wants to check it out. To me, gingham has always been synonymous with Dorothy’s... Continue Reading →


Monday Musings – Winter Weather

So if you haven't noticed already, but every Friday I've been posting about fashions and the latest trends, which I've named Friday Fashion Trends. I have also posted twice on Wednesday regarding fashions inspired by popular stars and their music videos which I have named Inspired by the Stars Wednesdays. Although I have only posted... Continue Reading →

Happy New Years!!!!!

Happy 2015 Everyone!!!! I want to start off the New Year with a post, but I’m going to try and make this really short and simple because I am really tired and my brain is not functioning straight. Right now it is actually around 2:15 pm on January 1, 2015. I actually just woke up,... Continue Reading →

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