Friday Fashion Trend – Winter/Spring Lull


So I know it’s been a a few weeks since my last Friday Fashion Trend, and I have at least two very very good reasons (or so I think).

Reason #1 – I have been really really busy since the beginning of 2015. 2nd marking period is coming to a close and I’ve been up to my neck with grading and testing my students. It has also been really cold here in NJ, and since last week’s “blizzard of 2015” we’ve been pretty much snow covered, which means it has been even colder. Now, having lived in NJ for the past 20 some years, you would think I would’ve gotten used to the cold weather by now, but I haven’t. The only winter weather that I like is when we get 8 inches in snow, which results in a snow day, which means I don’t have to leave the house for any reason. So, due to the madness of grades and my lack of motivation to leave my house for anything other than work and errand running, (which unfortunately is a necessity! Only hunger can motivate me to head out.) I have literally not been shopping since probably after Christmas. And because I have not been to a mall in at least a month, this also means that I have not been able to stroll through the stores and decide my fashion trend picks for the spring of 2015. The only things I’ve been able to do is look though fashion magazines for ideas. However, my issue with picking my trends solely based on fashion magazines is that fashion magazines decide based on what will be hot according to what designers showed at the fashion week shows, which does not always translate into trends that can be adopted by “normal” people.

Reason #2
The second reason I’ve chosen not to post a Friday Fashion Trend in a few weeks is because even though winter is still going full blast here in NJ (we’re supposed to get another storm on Monday), fashion is no longer in winter mode. Stores have been having their winter FINAL sales for a while now, but spring clothing hasn’t really hit the stores yet (or at least so I feel), so really haven’t felt the full blast of spring trends hit me in the face yet, which makes it really hard for me to decide which trends I want to talk about, as well as to find stores that are selling these trends so that I can pin them on my Pinterest. With that being said, I am hoping to write my first Friday Fashion Trend post for the spring season next week, so please keep an eye out for it!


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