Monday Musings – Winter Weather

The results of the
The results of the “NJ Blizzard of 2015.” Picture taken the next day.

So if you haven’t noticed already, but every Friday I’ve been posting about fashions and the latest trends, which I’ve named Friday Fashion Trends. I have also posted twice on Wednesday regarding fashions inspired by popular stars and their music videos which I have named Inspired by the Stars Wednesdays. Although I have only posted twice so far, I am hoping to keep that a permanent thing as well.

Lately I’ve thought about posting a new series on Mondays called Monday Musings. I guess technically my first two Monday Musings post would be the posts that I made about New Year’s resolutions and keeping my New Year’s Resolutions. However, I would like to declare today as the official start of my Monday Musings. The name Monday Musings post is pretty self-explanatory. For these posts I plan to talk about basically anything that captures my attention. These posts could be about how I am feeling, a difficult problem I am currently experiencing, questions that puzzle me, or maybe just silly ideas that popped into my head.

So, for my first official Monday Musings post, I would like to talk about the weather. Living in NJ, all that we have been hearing about for the last week is this big snowstorm that is supposed to hit us late tonight and Tuesday. What started off as 1-3 inches at the beginning of last week, has turned into a blizzard and 24-30 inches of snow. When I was younger, snow was always an exciting thing. Snow meant no school, steaming hot chocolate, sledding with friends on the hill in our backyard, building snow forts (snowmen, snow castles, snow everything) and having snowball fights. Now that I am older, snow is a little less exciting. Yes, because I am a teacher, it still means no school, but rather than relaxing, snow means waking up in the early morning and shoveling the sidewalk. Snow means moving the car so that the small snow plows can clean out my parking space (hopefully saving me some time and energy). Snow also means cursing at my neighbor because they never clean their snow when everybody else is, but prefer to wait until much later. Then like the selfish idiots they are, they push all the snow from their cars and parking spaces into mine. And then after all of that, I still have a pile of work to prepare for class the next day.

Sometimes when it snows, all I can think of is moving to somewhere warm all year round, and get away from all the cold. Then I never have to worry about all the things mentioned above, plus I don’t have to figure out where to store my summer clothes every winter, and vice versa. I think the only time I would miss the snow is during the month of December when those of us living in the Northeast pray and hope for a gentle snowfall that covers all the Christmas lights and gives us a enchanting white Christmas.

What do you guys think? Do you like living in a place where there are four distinct seasons (and all the problems that comes with that) or a place that is warm, sunny, and beautiful 365 days a year? Please comment in below and let me know your thoughts!


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  1. I’m from California and it never snows here. Although I love the warm weather, sometimes it would be nice to just to have a little snow. Christmas just doesn’t feel like the traditional Christmases that you see in movies here in Cali.


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