Friday Fashion Trend #9

Friday Fashion Trend – Gingham

When one thinks of gingham, there are many things that could pop into your head. Picnic blankets, iconic diner waitress uniforms, the instagram account that documents “that J Crew gingham shirt.” – in case anyone wants to check it out.

To me, gingham has always been synonymous with Dorothy’s dress in the Wizard of Oz. Mention Dorothy Gale, and almost everyone pictures her skipping along the yellow brick road in her blue and white gingham dress and her red glitter heels, followed by her little dog Toto. That is not the only time that gingham has made a dent in fashion. Gingham also took center stage when Brigitte Bardot married Jacques Charrier in Louveciennes (in the form of an incredibly cute hot pink gingham dress).

As usual, here is where I bore you a little by introducing you to a brief history of gingham. The name gingham originates from the Malay adjective, genggang, meaning striped. During the 17th century, it was imported to Europe as a striped fabric, although it was later woven in a checked pattern in the mid 18th century. Over time checked gingham became more common and it is what we still see today.

As I mentioned in my last Friday Fashion Trend, I have not been able to really hit the stores and check out possible spring fashion Trends for myself. The reason I DO feel comfortable about choosing gingham as a trend is because I feel like this could be a trend that will emerge this spring and can be worn by everyone.

To me, the gingham trend is just an extension of the edgy plaid trend that I mentioned this winter, but gingham tends to skew softer and more classically chic (as opposed to edgy…DUH!)

For the past few years, gingham has been mainly associated with button down shirts, but this spring I am really hoping to see gingham break out in cute, flirty, fun spring silhouettes.  This spring expect to see gingham on shorts, fit and flare dresses, cardigans, and skirts.

Please check out my Pinterest page for some of my favorite gingham pieces and check back here for more Friday Fashion Trends.


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