Friday Fashion Trend #11

Friday Fashion Trend – The Jogger As I mentioned in some of earlier posts, it has been extremely cold in the North East this year. I am waking up almost every morning to temperatures below zero and we have gotten some snow every week for the past month or so. If you check my FFT... Continue Reading →


Monday Musings – Fresh off the Boat

Monday Musings – Fresh off the Boat I know I’m a little late jumping on the bandwagon, but for today’s Monday Musings, I will be talking about the new comedy series on ABC called “Fresh off the Boat,” which premiered on Wednesday, February 4. I heard about the existence of an Asian-American sitcom possibly happening... Continue Reading →

Freezing Cold Winter in NJ

So today I will be posting about the reason why I was really thinking about scrapping yesterday’s FFT.  I took two days off of work this week because I was fighting a major cold. I felt fatigued, I had major sinus issues, and a horrible headache. Now, one of the things I absolutely hate is... Continue Reading →

Friday Fashion Trend – Valentine’s Day

Friday Fashion Trend – Valentine’s Day Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I am really excited about all the clothes that I pinned on my Pinterest page regarding Valentine’s Day outfits, and I really want to spend some talking about them, but I think I am going to keep this week’s Friday Fashion Trend – Valentine’s Day... Continue Reading →

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