Monday Musings – Hyde Jekyll and Me part 2

Monday Musings – Hyde Jekyll and me

So yesterday I mentioned the first reason why I am so far not into Hyde Jekyll Me (HJM) even though I used to really like Hyun-Bin. Today I want to talk about the second, third, and fourth reasons.

The second reason I am not enjoying HJM as much as I thought I was going to is because of the female lead. I think the right casting of a female lead is extremely important. There have been many times in kdrama history where having a female lead that was not compatible with the male lead destroyed the entire drama. Although I would not go as far to say that Han Ji-Min as Jang Ha Na is destroying the drama per se, but in my opinion, she certainly isn’t contributing to making the series better. We are four episodes into the drama and there has been absolutely no character development for Jang Ha Na. So far, other than being really annoying, running around chasing after Seo Gu Jin about not renewing their contract (or breaching their contract), and swinging randomly from ropes (which is totally not believable. I mean where is she attaching her ropes? To thin air????), we really haven’t seen who Jang Ha Na really is. Plus, I really don’t feel the chemistry between her and Seo Gu Jin, or with Robin for that matter.  Plus, how dumb can a girl be. You see two people who look exactly the same except the glasses, wearing the exact same outfit, and showing up almost at the exact same time, and you believe his whole bull shit story about being twin brothers? Really? Did you hit your hit one too many times falling during your circus acts?

The third reason I am not crazy about HJM is because the plot line thus far is really confusing. I get that they are trying to make Hyun-Bin’s background all mysterious to keep us on the edge of our seat and wanting more. However, if you don’t give the viewer any idea as to what’s going on, it doesn’t make me want to watch more, it just makes me bored and not want to watch the series anymore. By the end of the 4th episode, I still know absolutely nothing except that something happened to Seo Gu Jin when he was an kid (from the flashbacks, it seems like a kidnapping), and thus his alter ego Robin was born. The only other major piece of information is that Hana is Robin’s trigger because she saved him, who then saved her from the bridge that night. They keep alluding to something that happened five years ago, but refuse to actually tell us, which was intriguing at first, but by this point just aggravates me.

The fourth and final reason is because I am actually really disappointed by Hyun Bin’s acting. Like I mentioned yesterday, I fell in love with “Secret Garden” because it was so cute watching Hyun Bin playing the role of an arrogant rich son of a bitch, and then acting like a girl every time it rained and his character was forced to switch souls. I love the arrogant stares he gave Gil Ra Im in the beginning of the drama, as well as the emotional looks he gave her as they slowly started falling in love. I think it was and is every girl’s dream to have a boyfriend who stares at you the same way Joo Won stared at Ra Im. His stares literally melted my heart. However Hyun Bin as Seo Gu Jin and Robin is just WEIRD! When he stares at Jang Ha Na, all I can think of are the pedophiles on Law and Order SVU. He makes he think that he’s a child molester, or psychotic and belong in a mental institution. Rather than make me swoon, it makes me want to run for my life, which makes it really really hard to enjoy the drama and fall in love with his character.

I will say that I do plan on giving this show another opportunity. I can’t give up on Hyun Bin so easily, so I will continue to slog through this drama. However, I think if I hit the halfway point (10 episodes in) and I still find the drama boring, I will probably make the ultimate decision to stop watching. Fingers crossed that the drama will take a turn for the better.


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