Friday Fashion Trend – Valentine’s Day

Friday Fashion Trend – Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I am really excited about all the clothes that I pinned on my Pinterest page regarding Valentine’s Day outfits, and I really want to spend some talking about them, but I think I am going to keep this week’s Friday Fashion Trend – Valentine’s Day edition short and sweet. The reason being I’ve had a rough day today, which I will actually post about tomorrow, so I honestly wasn’t even going to post a Friday Fashion Trend this week, but seeing as next Saturday is Valentine’s Day, if I don’t get this post out, I will never have the opportunity, so here it is.

To me, Valentine’s Day is a love/hate holiday. I love that it is a holiday that celebrates love and happiness, and come on any holiday that gives us a reason to eat chocolate is a plus in my book. However, like other single girls, Valentine’s Day is also a holiday to remind us that unfortunately we are still single. And usually I put on a brave face and talk about how much I love being single (and sometimes I honestly do), but it is really hard walking around on Valentine’s Day and seeing all the couples holding hands or talking about their romantic Valentine’s Day plans.

However, just because I’m single, doesn’t mean that I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. And what is a better way of showing my Valentine’s Day spirit by wearing an outfit that screams love? For this year, I’ve really been loving the hearts and lips trend (since I saw Meagan Trainor’s “Lips are Moving” music video), so when I was looking for Valentine’s Day outfits, that’s what I tried to look for. There are a few typical red pieces, but I really tried to look for pieces that were heart or lips inspired. Please check out my Pinterest page for some of my favorite Valentine’s Day inspired pieces.


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