Friday Fashion Trend #11

Friday Fashion Trend – The Jogger

As I mentioned in some of earlier posts, it has been extremely cold in the North East this year. I am waking up almost every morning to temperatures below zero and we have gotten some snow every week for the past month or so. If you check my FFT from a few posts back, you will see pictures I took standing on a frozen Carnegie Lake (which hasn’t happened in a few years), which means it really is cold this year. Thankfully, I live in NJ, so I have not had to deal with deep deep snow like the people living in Boston (I feel for you guys and I pray that all is well), but I can honestly say that I cannot wait until spring is here!

Last week I posted my FFT that I think will be huge this spring is gingham print. Today, I will be talking about the second spring fashion trend that I think we will be seeing everywhere once the weather turns a little warmer, and that is the jogger trend. Now, I know some of you reading this post will say that the jogger trend actually started this past fall, which it did, but I personally think it didn’t make that big of an impact in the fall. However, I predict that by spring, you will see everyone wearing it.

What exactly are jogger pants?

Jogger pants, better known as joggers are soft loose trousers/pants with elastic at the waist and sometimes the cuff that you wear for doing exercise in. Usually, when one thinks of the term joggers, one tends to think of sweatpants, with a cuffed ankle. However, since the trend started in the fall of 2014, joggers have changed greatly in the world of fashion. Today, not all joggers are made from sweatpants material. Instead joggers are named more for their shape (roomy and baggier at the hips and tapering at the ankles) and can be made in a variety of materials.

So, today I want to talk about the different reasons why you should consider investing in a pair of joggers this spring.

  1. They are SUPER comfortable – Because of their shape, joggers are super comfortable. Since joggers are fitted at the ankle and waist and have room throughout the leg, you never have to worry about not being comfortable in a pair of joggers. The extra room means never having to worry about busting a button after your daily food binge. Joggers also transition from “heading out” clothes to “snuggling in” clothes seamlessly and are the perfect “FAT DAY” clothes.
  2. They still flatter your body – For the past couple of years, women all over the world have been squeezing themselves into pairs after pairs of skinny jeans, despite the warnings from neurologists telling us of the problems that can be caused by wearing jeans that are too tight (numbness, tight pant syndrome, abdominal discomfort, etc.) We believe that wearing skinny jeans flatter our bodies and make us look skinnier. And to a certain extent, they do. The all-around skinnier leg which usually ends at around the ankle is indeed less fabric to add bulk to your legs. Matched with the fact that most girls will wear them tucked into ankle boots, UGGs, taller winter boots, etc, they give a person a sleeker line. However, girls often have this misconception that if they can squeeze into a smaller size, they actually are skinnier. Which has resulted in many a muffin tops. The great things about joggers is that because they are tighter at the ankles, they will still give you a nice shape, but prevent unnecessary overspill.
    They are also extremely flattering for girls with a little more junk in the hips/thigh area (like me). When I wear skinny jeans, I always have to pair it with a longer shirt or sweater because if I don’t then I personally think my hips and thighs look huge and disproportionate with the rest of my body (since skinny jeans make my calves look super skinny). Joggers on the other hand are a little more forgiving. Since the pants are made to be a little baggier at the hip area, they can hide certain areas.
  3. They are easy to style – Other than being super comfortable and super flattering, joggers are also so easy to style. You can take outfits that you usually wear jeans with and substitute with a pair of joggers. To wear joggers for an everyday look, simply pair with a comfortable tee (preferably more fitted to balance out the baggy joggers) and a pair of converse or some slip on sneakers (that are also super trendy). You can also choose to dress up a pair of joggers for a comfortable night out. Pairing joggers with a killer pair of heels, a cool looking blazer, and you are ready to party your butt off.
    Also, I’ve been loving joggers lately because they can be layered. As I mentioned before, it is super cold this winter in the Northeast. To stay warm, I’ve been wearing a pair of leggings underneath joggers (something you couldn’t do with skinny jeans) for an extra layer to stay super warm and toasty. If you can get yourself a pair of fleece lined legging, even better!
  4. They exude personality – Joggers have evolved a lot since they first came out. Joggers are now made in a variety of different materials to suit any person. I have seen vegan leather joggers, knit joggers, sweatpant material joggers, cotton joggers, and even denim joggers. I’ve also seen joggers with cool decorative details like a tuxedo stripe, funky zippers, cool colors, pretty patches and stylish prints. There are so many different types that there is bound to be a pair for everyone.

So, those are the four reasons why I picked joggers to be this week’s Friday Fashion Trend. Be sure to check out my Pinterest page for some of my favorite joggers, as will pictures that hopefully can serve as inspiration to you guys when deciding how to style your joggers. I would like to say, that the girls in those photos are totally rocking this easy, comfortable, stylish trend.


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