Friday Fashion Trend #13

Friday Fashion Trend – Spring Florals

For today’s fashion trend, I would like to talk about Spring Florals. And the first thing I thought of when I even choose this trend was a quote from one of my favorite movies, “The Devil Wears Prade.”

Miranda PriestlyJocelyn: [at a board meeting over the April issue] Well… they’re showing a lot of florals right now, so I was thinking…
Miranda Priestly: Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.

And yes, you all probably have the same expression that Miranda Priestly has in the photo above, but please give me time to explain before you brush me off with a cold, icy “That’s All.”

I know florals for spring sounds repetitive and a no brainer. I mean come on. And for the most part I agree. But there are some things that I want to highlight about the floral trend this year.

  1. Spring 2015 florals are going to somewhat different from the florals that we have seen previously. Instead of the small tiny all-over wildflower floral prints from Liberty a few seasons ago, florals for 2015 are going big, bold, oversized and take center stage. The bigger, the bolder, the better.
  2. Florals this spring could also skew darker (instead of the usual pastel colors for spring – although those are still on trend as well). Look for pieces with a brighter floral pattern on a darker background. This will really allow your floral patterns to pop and take center stage. Florals this season are so NOT about being a wallflower. Expect this trend to slowly transition its way into the Fall 2015 season. Simply add other pieces underneath (like a black turtleneck) or on top (like an edgy leather jacket) to transition your spring pieces into the fall. This way, you won’t have to feel as bad splurging over these trendy pieces since you know you will be able to get at least two seasons worth of wear out of them.
  3. Floral Print this year will also be  a little more haphazard (as I like to call it.) Rather than a repeated set pattern over and over again, I predict that spring florals will be more whimsical. Look for  florals that have no set pattern (like my pins from Zara) and just have dashes of flowers here and there, or florals that are focused more on a specific part of the clothes (flowers that are more conspicuous  at the waist area, while slowly diffusing throughout the rest of the dress).
  4. Finally, florals this year do not necessarily have to be just on the fabric. Look for clothing items that incorporate florals either through embroidery, beading, or embellishments. In fact, if you have the courage, you could even upcycle some of your old clothing with trimmings to bring them up to trend.

Please be sure to check my pinterest for examples of all the different types of florals I mentioned above. Also comment below if you LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie “The Devil Wears Prada.”


2 thoughts on “Friday Fashion Trend #13

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  1. My favorite movie is the Devil Wears Prada and I have probably re watched that movie at least 20 times. My friends are all sick of the movie because they’ve seen it so many times with me, but I can’t help it. My favorite out in the movie is Andrea’s last outfit when she is in Paris. Did you notice how her outfit matched the color palette of the fountain where she threw in her cell phone? Was it not to DIE FOR???
    By the way. I really enjoy reading your blog. Hope to see more posts!


  2. Dear Anna,
    Thank you so much for the comment you left me about “The Devil Wears Prada” being your favorite movie. It is also one of my favorite movies as well. I have actually re-watched the movie three times recently. Also, I totally noticed that scene you mentioned when her outfit matched the color palette of the fountain. I was probably the only person who noticed it in my group of friends and when I pointed that out, they all thought I was crazy. It’s nice to know there are other “crazy” people out there like me. Please continue to support my blog and let me know if there is anything you want to see my blog about.


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