Ranking NYC’s Macarons – Part 1

Today I want to talk about the different macarons that I received from each store on Macaron Day 2015. (If you don’t know what I am talking about, check on my post from last Friday.) I will be posting the first five stores today, and the final five stores next Monday.

Macarons from Macaron Day NYC 2015
Macarons from Macaron Day NYC 2015

The picture that is included is the flavor that I received from that store, and will also be the basis of my comments.

Name: Macaron Cafe
Locations – 4 different locations in NYC
625 Madison Ave. Entrance on 59th Street
161 West 36th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue
750 Third Avenue (Between 46th & 47th Street)
303 Greenwich Street (near Chambers Street)
Although you can also order their macarons online.

Macaron Cafe - pistachio macaron
Macaron Cafe – pistachio macaron
The pistachio macaron at Macaron Café is a vivid green color and the edges were rolled in crushed pistachio. The overall appearance of the macaron was good. It had great feet and the surface was shiny, although ever so slightly uneven.
Compared to other macarons that I have had, the shell was not as crunchy as I was expecting. I did not really enjoy the more chewy consistency of the macaron. The filling of the macaron was smooth and not overly sweet. Unfortunately, I did not really taste the pistachio flavoring.
Macaron Café offers an assortment of flavors. According to the Macaron Café website, they have at least 42 different flavors, although I do not know if they are all offered daily.
In additional to macarons, Macaron Café also offers an assortment of sandwiches, salads and soups.
Name: Macaron Cafe
Picture – Crème Brulee

Since this is also a Macaron Café macaron, just a different flavor, I will only be commenting on the taste. For appearance and other information, check what I wrote about the pistachio flavor above.

The shell of this macaron was also more chewy than crispy. I did like the crème brulee crystals that were rolled along the edge of the macaron. They added a nice crunchy like the sugar shell on the top of a crème brulee. The macaron also tasted exactly like a crème brulee, although t it was slightly too sweet for my taste.

Name: Woops!
Locations – Woops! has stores all over NYC, NJ and CT. The ones located in NJ and CT and even some in NYC are simply stalls located in malls or bus terminals, so I am assuming macarons are not made on the premises and not made daily.
You can also order their macarons online.

Woops! - Nutella macaron
Woops! – Nutella macaron
Woops! macarons are significantly flatter than macarons from other places. Because the macarons are so flat, they also do not have a great ration of shell and filling. In fact, you can barely see the filling between the two shells. The shell itself is even, and the Nutella flavored macaron is covered in a thin coat of chocolate dust. However, if you look past the thin coat of chocolate dust, you can see that the shell itself is not very shiny.
The shell of a Woops! macaron is much crispier than the shell of a Macaron café macaron. When I cut into the macaron with a shell, it cracked as a macaron should. The filling of the Nutella macaron was Nutella. It tasted exactly like Nutella, but may have been a little too sweet for me.
According to the Woops! website, they have 18 different flavors of macarons.
Name: Bouchon Bakery
Locations – two different locations in NYC
Ten Columbus Circle, Third Floor – located in Time Warner Center
One Rockefeller Plaza (across from NBC Today Show) – located in Rockefeller Center
They also have locations in California and Las Vegas

Bouchon Bakery - Caramel
Bouchon Bakery – Caramel
A Bouchon Bakery macaron is pretty much the perfect specimen of a macaron. The shell is perfectly even and very shiny. Bouchon Bakery macarons actually took their macarons a step further by dusting their macarons in gold dust powder, creating a beautiful sparkle. The macaron also had great feet, and was a good size for a macaron. The ratio of filling to shell was perfect, allowing you to see the filling peek out from between the two shells.
The shell of a Bouchon Bakery not only looks like perfect, but tastes pretty good as well. The outside of the shell is crispy, while the inside is slightly chewy, was is actually really nice. The caramel filling has a nice smoky caramel taste, which paired well with the chocolate shell.
Other than chocolate caramel, Bouchon bakery also offers chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, as well as seasonal flavors.
Bouchon Bakery is owned by Thomas Keller. The Rockefeller Center location is actually right below his NYC restaurant – Per Se.
Name: Epicerie Boulud
Location – two different locations in NYC
1900 Broadway & 64th Street – Located in Lincoln Center
1 West 59th Street – located in the Plaza Hotel food Hall

Epicerie Boulud - raspberry macaron
Epicerie Boulud – raspberry macaron
The macarons at Epicerie Boulud are flatter than other macarons, although not as flat as the macarons at Woops! They are also slightly smaller in size. The shell unfortunately was slightly lumpy, you could see small bumps from where the almond flour may not have been mixed in as thoroughly. The feet of a Epicerie Boulud macaron are also not as noticeable as typical macarons.
The taste however is a different matter. The shell of an Epicerie Boulud macarons has an incredibly crispy shell. The shell cracked quite significantly upon cutting. The filling of the raspberry macaron was raspberry curd, which was a little tart, but paired really well with the sweeter shell. This was one of the only macarons that was not on the sweet side, so it really made an impression on me.
Flavors: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Raspberry, Pistachio
Epicerie Boulud is not just a bakery, but offers delicious options for breakfast and lunch, such as pastries, quiches, soups, salads, sandwiches, and more.
Name: FB Patisserie
Locations – two different locations in NYC
3rd  Ave & 74th
1 West 59th Street – located in the Plaza Hotel food Hall
There are also locations in Las Vegas, Japan, and Korea

FB Patisserie - mint chocolate macaron
FB Patisserie – mint chocolate macaron
The Francois Payard Patisserie (FP Patisserie) macaron is also the most perfect macaron out of all the macarons that I tasted on Macaron Day NYC. The macarons itself is a great size, not too big, or too small. The macaron has great feet, and the shell was extremely smooth and incredibly shiny. When I cut into the macaron, I could see distinct layers of crunchy outside shell, the chewier center of the shell, and a great proportion of shell and creamy filling.
Not only did the macaron look great, it also tasted great. The shell was extremely crispy on the outside, which cracked when I cut into it, while the inside was nice and chewy. The macaron shell was sweet, but not overly sweet. The filling was nice, smooth, and had a slight mint taste, not too minty to be overpowering, but just enough to be satisfying.
FP Patisserie offers a variety of flavors depending on the season.
In addition to macarons, FP patisserie also offers a variety of desserts, chocolates, and truffles.
Name: FB Patisserie

FB Patisserie - violet macaron
FB Patisserie – violet macaron
Since this is still a FP Patisserie macaron, just a different flavor, I will only be commenting on the taste. For appearance and other information, check out what I wrote about the mint chocolate flavor above.Now, I have to say, the violet flavored macaron from FP Patisserie was probably one of my favorite macarons that I received during Macaron Day NYC. The shell was as wonderful as the mint chocolate one, but it was the filling that really made an impression on me. The filling of the violet macaron actually consisted of two different fillings. The white filling, the filling that you can see around the edges of the macaron is sweeter, but not as strong of a violet taste. The inside filling was a beautiful vibrant pink, and had the more dominated violet taste. While I was tasting the macaron, I even found violet petals in the filling, which really blew my mind. The taste of violets was very apparent, but definitely not overpowering, and the taste lingered lightly even after you have finished eating the macaron.

Please stay tuned next week when I finish ranking the macarons that I received on Macaron Day NYC 2015.


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