Friday Fashion Trend # 15

Friday Fashion Trend # 15 – Broderie Anglaise!

Two weeks ago when I attended Macaron Day 2015 in NYC, one the things I noticed while traipsing around NYC is that a lot of the store windows featured models in crisp white clothing, ready to usher in the warmer spring/summer months. Wearing all white is something that I have always loved. In my mind, the epitome of a perfect fashionable lady is someone who can wear an all-white outfit and be perfectly pristine. Basically, everything that I am not. Knowing me, five minutes after I put on an all-white outfit and I’ll probably have a coffee stain along the front, a makeup smudge along the collar, and mud splattered on the hem of my pants. I also don’t do all white outfits because I just don’t like the way it looks on me. Personally, every time I wear white, I personally feel fat. (If I offend anyone with this comment I am really sorry. I am not trying to fat-shame people, or convince girls to starve in order to fit society ideals of what is pretty. I am simply stating my personal opinion of how I feel when I wear white.)
I am typically a size 10/12, and whenever I wear all white, I just feel like it emphasizes all the parts that I don’t like about myself. And I know that there are articles out there that say white doesn’t make you look fat, but I still think that If I were to wear an outfit in all black and take a picture of myself, then wear the same outfit in all white, and take a picture of myself (in the same position, lighting and at the same angle), and then ask someone which “me” is fatter, they would pick the one of me in white. So, that means if I can pick up the same shirt in black, chances are I’ll always pick the black one over the white one. However, I have been wearing a lot of black this summer. In fact, it has been my go-to color for whenever the weather is cold, causing me to be depressed, which has been pretty much every day this winter, so now that the weather is warming up, I am totally ready for a change.

What is also helping to convince me that I need to go out and splurge on an all-white wardrobe is the discovery of my next Friday Fashion Trend called Broderie Anglaise!

So what exactly is Broderie Anglaise?
Broderie Anglaise is a French term for “English Embroidery” (Although doesn’t is look fancierwhen you call it Broderie Anglaise? The French makes everything fancy.) Basically, it is a white needlework technique that incorporates features from embroidery, cutwork, and lace.

And it is so beautiful and ethereal! When I look at clothing with elaborate Broderie Anglaise, it summons up images of angels, fairies, and all things delicate, tricking me to believe that I too can be a graceful, fashionable lady – until I trip on a crack in the sidewalk and land in a puddle of mud.

Below are some items that incorporate Broderie Anglaise that I am totally coveting. (In fact I might do some shopping online tonight.) For more Broderie Anglaise, please check out my Pinterest Page at the bottom of the post and get ready to do some serious gushing.

Anthropologie Cutwork Lace TeeAnthropologie Les Fleurs Lace TopFor Love and Lemons COACHELLA Luau Crop TopFree People Teardrop Pixie Dress


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