Ranking NYC’s Macarons – Part 2

Today I want to finish talking about my rankings of NYC macarons. I will be talking about the last four macaron stores that I visited on Macaron day 2015. If you have any comments about my rankings, or want to tell me better macaron places in NYC (other than Laduree and La Maison du Chocolat – both of which I know about and love) please leave me a comment below. i would love to hear about them!

Name: Todd English Food Hall
Locations: 1 West 59th Street – located in the Plaza Hotel food Hall
Picture –  Mint Chocolate
The macarons at Todd English Food Hall looks almost exactly like a FP Patisserie macaron. Only slightly greener. The macaron had a nice, even, shiny shell and great feet.
Despite the fact that Todd English Food Hall was also giving away mint chocolate macarons like FP Patisserie ( and they happened to both be located in the Plaza Hotel Food Hall), the Todd English Food Hall macarons were not as good as the FP Patisserie macarons. The mint flavor was much stronger and was a little overpowering. The shell was also a little bit chewier, and was not my favorite. Overall though, it was still a pretty good macaron.
Flavors: Unknown other than the mint chocolate flavor
Other: The Todd English Food Hall is a European inspired specialty food hall. The restaurant portion is divided into nine food stations – Ocean Grill & Oyster Bar, Noodle  & Dumplings Bar, Pasta Bar, Sushi Bar, The Grill, Taqueria, Pizza, Cheese & Charcuterie, Wine Bar, and of course the Patisserie.

My friend and I actually had lunch here on Macaron Day NYC, and we shared the Tuna Tartar “Poke” Crisp Wonton Taco and the Lobster Mac N’ Cheese. While the Tuna was delicious, it was the Lobster Mac N’ Cheese that really stood out. The cheese was perfectly melted and covered every bite. The truffle vinaigrette drizzled on top was really the icing on the cake. It paired perfectly with the mac and cheese and they were extremely generous with it. Although the food at The Todd English Food Hall is a little on the pricy side ($7 for one coke), the food is good if you want to splurge.

Name: Sugar and Plumm
Locations – 3 different locations
377 Amsterdam Ave
257 Bleeker Street
Kiosk located at FAO Schwarz
Picture –  Raspberry
Before I even talk about the appearance of a Sugar and Plumm macaron, I would like to talk about the three strikes against it already.#1 – the macarons that Sugar and Plumm were giving away on Macaron Day NYC were mini macarons specifically made for Macaron Day, and not the full size versions they normally sell.
#2 – we got to the FAO Schwarz location at around 2:00 and they were already out of their passion fruit flavor ones. When I asked for a passion fruit one, because there clearly was more in the case(this was before I realized they were giving away smaller ones), they informed me a little curtly that those were for buying only, and I should just buy one. Thanks!
#3 – the overall appearance of the free small macarons weren’t even that great. The shell was not shiny at all.
Sugar and Plumm macarons were probably the worst macarons I had that day. The overall taste of the macaron was extremely sweet (way TOO sweet) and artificial tasting. The shell was also really chewy. It basically did not taste like a macaron at all.
Flavors: An assortment of flavors
Although the kiosk at FAO Schwarz only sells macarons, the Sugar and Plumm flagship store in the Upper West Side offers a menu of crepes, brunchy things (their words exactly), burgers, mac and cheese, as well as cocktails, while the satellite store in the West Village offers milkshakes, sundaes, and smoothies.
Name: Mad Mac Macaron
Locations – Unfortunately, Mad Mac Macarons has no stores located anywhere. For Macaron Day 2015, they did set up a mini shop located at the Bernardaud, a French store that specializes in dinnerware. You can however, buy their macarons and madeleines online at http://www.madmacnyc.com/
Picture –  Lemon
Before I even start talking about the appearance of Mad Mac Macarons, I would just like to say that I got a picture with Florian when he was giving away macarons on Macaron Day 2015. To me, that is totally epic, because I was the biggest fan of cupcake Wars, and of Florian.However, I was slightly disappointed because Mad Mac Macarons comes in prepackaged sets (boxes of 12 or 48), which means you cannot pick the flavors that you want like other places. I understand that this is because Mad Mac does not have their own storefront, but it is a little inconvenient.
As for the appearance of Mad Mac Macarons, they are slightly smaller than the other macarons. They did have really great feet, a good shape, and a nice even, shiny shell.However, because I was not able to choose my own flavors, I decided not to buy a box to take home.
Mad Mac Macarons were probably the best macarons I had that day. They were extremely crispy, and the lemon macaron was the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Mad Mac macarons tasted exactly like a lemon, only better.
Mad Mac Macarons offers different flavors depending on the season.
American Favorite Flavors – Dark Chocolate/Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Peanut Butter, California Almonds, White Chocolate Sesame Seeds and Match Green Tea
Winter Collection – Pumpkin, Earl Grey, Chocolate/Orange, White Chocolate, Chestnut/Whiskey
Summer Collection – Dark Chocolate/Coconut, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Apricot, White Chocolate, Mango
French Classic – Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Pistachio, Raspberry, Lemon
Mad Mac was founded in 2006 by pastry chefs Florian Bellanger (Judge on Food Networks Cupcakes wars) and Ludovic Augendre. Bith chefs specialize on French Macarons and Madeleines, hence the name Mad (Madeleines) Mac (Macarons).
Name: Mad Mac Macaron
Picture – Apricot
Since this is also a Mad Mac Macaron, I will only be talking about the taste of the macaron. For other information about Mad Mac Macarons, please see above.The second flavor I tried at Mad Mac Macaron was the apricot flavor. Like the lemon flavor one, the apricot flavor one was like biting into a fresh apricot, only in macaron form. This macaron and the lemon flavor macaron were definitely the best macarons of the day.
Name: FPB (Francois Payard Bakery)
Locations – three different locations in NYC
1775 Broadway  between 57th and 58th Street
116 West Houston Street between Thompson & Sullivan
210 Murray Street between West Street and North end Ave.
Picture –  Salted Caramel
The FPB macaron had great shape and great feet. This macaron also had good proportions of shell and filling. The shell was shiny and mostly even.
The salted caramel was actually a pretty good macaron. The macaron filling was not too sweet, and tasted like biting into a caramel candy. However, I was hoping that since it was a salted caramel, it would be a little more salty, to add another dimension to the macaron, but it was a little lacking.
An assortment of flavors
Francois Payard Bakeries is also owned by renowned French chef Francois Payard. The first FPB was opened in September 2010, on West Houston Street in downtown NYC. It was opened as a casual bakery for people to sample Francois Payard’s delicious creations. At FPB, you can also get breakfast items, salads, assorted pastries, soups, breads, and cakes/tarts.

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