I’m alive I swear!!!!!

Hey everyone, I want to first apologize because I know I’ve been missing for four months, and I would just like to say that that was completely not my intention. I fully intended to continue posting after my last one on May 15, since I had just taken a brief hiatus before then, and then life just got the better of me. The month of June was super crazy. As a teacher, I was busy recreating final exams for my students (three different ones, and each one had to be a three part test), and of course then grading everything before the end of the school year on June 20. I then had one day to pack before traveling to Taiwan for 7 weeks.

I meant to write in Taiwan, but then it never happened for a number of reasons

  1. Since I was living at a relative’s house while I was in Taiwan, I didn’t really have a space to call my own. The few times I tried setting up at the dining room table, I would have to move usually because it was time to eat, and it was really a pain setting everything up, sitting down and then just when I got inspired to write, I would have to clear everything away.
  2. The other option I had was setting up shop on the coffee table in front of the television, but since it was super low, it meant sitting on the floor, or sitting on the sofa in this weird hunched over position, neither which I really enjoyed. Plus, it meant that everyone who tried to watch TV had to make it work around me, and then they kept interrupting my work by asking me questions about my blog, which also was a huge distraction.
  3. I was super busy a lot of the time. Everyday of my seven weeks in Taiwan was filled with either seeing relatives, seeing friends, shopping, traveling, and just taking in the sights. I was also in Taiwan to visit my grandma, so even when I did have time, I spent it hanging out with her (playing cards, playing Chinese checkers, putting together puzzles), so I didn’t really have time to blog.

Yeah, so those are the three major reasons why I didn’t write for four months (I just realized that reason 1 and 2 are the same, but whatever). But I am back! I hope you all missed me because I certainly missed you all. I saw some great fashion trends in Taiwan that i am excited to share with your guys and I hope you guys continue to read my blog! Please look forward to my first Friday Fashion Trend in four months this Friday.

Thanks and LOVE YOU!


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