Monday Musing – Double Duty Clothes

So, today I have a confession to make. I love shopping. There I said it. Shopping is like my drug. Every time I shop, I get this little shopping high that makes me feel all fuzzy and happy inside. And of course, I always promise myself that I am only window shopping, and that I won’t buy anything. And of course that never actually happens. I always seem to come across a scarf, a shirt, a skirt, a necklace, a pair of shoes that I have to have, because it is the PERFECT addition to my wardrobe, and honestly I would JUST DIE if I didn’t get it. And so of course that usually means that I come from my “window shopping” experiences laden with all of my must have purchases, and have to find a place to put everything in my already exploding closet. And despite the fact that my closet is always exploding, I can never seem to find anything to wear, which perpetuates the need to do more shopping. See the problem?

Recently, I have also realized that there are a lot of pieces in my closet that I tend to only wear in one specific way, which really limits my outfit choices, making it seem like I have nothing to wear, which in reality I have a lot of clothes.

So today, I want to talk about mixing pieces up and allowing them to do double duty for you.

The first item I want to talk about is a simple black maxi skirt. I purchased mine from South Moon Under, a stylish casual store that recently opened up this year. South Moon Under is similar to stores like Anthropologie or Aritzia, because the store does not actually have its own brand, but instead carries clothes from different brands to sell. Some of the brands that South Moon Under carries are Free People (sister company of Anthropologie), Citizens of Humanity, Sanctuary, Splendid, and Ella Moss to name a few. Now, this black skirt is one of my favorite pieces that I own. It is the first maxi skirt that I have found that is long enough for me. Since I am 6ft tall, most maxi skirts tend to fall right above my ankle, which looked really weird no matter what shoes I paired them with. However, this skirt is so long that I can wear it with heels, and it will still fall perfectly to the floor. When I first purchased it in May of this year, I wore it almost every day. It was one of my go to pieces this summer and basically went with everything. When I wore it this summer though I tended to pair it with a short sleeve top that I half tucked into the waistband and a pair of sandals, giving me a “I could care less, it’s summer” vibe. However, for some reason once the weather turned slightly cooler I haven’t been wearing it as often for some reason. Recently, however I have reconnected with this piece, and actually come up with some great, versatile ways to integrate this back in my outfit choices which I will explain below.

Option 1: Casual
On Sunday, I was supposed to meet a friend early in the morning to grab coffee and maybe brunch. Unfortunately, I went to bed super late the night before, and I hit my snooze button one time too many. When I finally woke up, I realized that I only had 30 minutes before I was supposed to meet my friend and that included the time it would take to drive there. Desperate to look somewhat put together I grabbed my black maxi skirt and a super long chambray button down that I had purchased at UNIQLO last year. Doing one of my favorite things recently, I half tucked the front of the button down into the skirt and let the back hang out. Because the weather has been a bit chilly recently, I threw a slightly cropped cardigan on top, grabbed a pair of my trusty fall boots, and drove like a crazy woman perpetuating the belief that women suck at driving. I did make it to coffee/brunch on time, and I felt pretty good in my outfit, which is all that really matters.

Option 2: Edgy
Sometimes there is nothing better than pairing opposites with each other and this case is no exception. In order to make my maxi edgy, I simply balance the flowy-ness of the skirt with the hardness of a black leather jacket. I then keep the outfit simple with a plain black tank underneath the jacket and accessorize with a DIY Dylan Lex necklace (tutorial coming soon). For this outfit, I like the change the hem length of the skirt by simply rolling the skirt up a few inches at the waistband, allowing me to show off some ankle. Finally, I complete the outfit by rocking a pair of killer studded ankle boots.

Option 3: Layered
This is actually one of my favorite ways to wear this skirt for the fall. On Wednesday the weather was cold, depressing and horrible, so I wore the skirt with a black short sleeve top and threw a long emerald green cardigan over the entire thing. After looking at myself in the mirror, I decided to I needed a little something to make my outfit more interesting and so I ended up belting the cardigan with a black leather belt that I purchased at Anthropologie on sale. I completed the outfit with a pair of suede booties for the perfect fall ensemble.

Option 4: More Formal
I actually wore this skirt to a more formal occasion and no one realized that it was a skirt. I basically did the same thing that I did above, which was to pair the dress with a really nice black top in a similar material, and this time I belted the look with a nice beaded belt, also purchased at Anthropologie on sale. Finally, I paired the entire outfit with a pair of nice heels. The entire night, everyone kept walking up to me and commenting on how great my little black dress was, and asking me where I purchased it. They were all surprised when I told them that it was actually a skirt and top and not a dress. The great thing about pairing this skirt like this is that you can change the top you wear it with and create many formal outfits for all your special occasions.

I hope you enjoyed my post today on the different outfits you can make with a simple black maxi skirt. Please continue to visit my blog, and look forward to my Dylan Lex DIY that I will hopefully be posting soon.


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