Friday Fashion Trend #23

For most of my life I have shied away from wearing button down shirts. For some reason, I never thought they flattered me. One of the major reasons would have to be because I have a nice sized chest, and I hated that every time I wore a button down shirt I would get the... Continue Reading →


IbtSW- Super cute Supergirl

At first I was not a huge fan of the show Supergirl. Now I was a HUGE fan of the show Smallville on the WB (back when it was still called WB and not CW) when I was in high school. It was one of my favorite shows. I tuned in every single week to... Continue Reading →

Friday Fashion Trend #22

For today's Friday Fashion Trend I want to talk about a trend that I really love, but unfortunately, so far I can't seem to find a lot of places that carry this trend. However, I personally think that this trend is absolutely brilliant, and I am hoping to see more as spring draws closer. The... Continue Reading →

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