Friday Fashion Trend #22

For today’s Friday Fashion Trend I want to talk about a trend that I really love, but unfortunately, so far I can’t seem to find a lot of places that carry this trend. However, I personally think that this trend is absolutely brilliant, and I am hoping to see more as spring draws closer. The trend I am talking about is the layered jacket. Now, what I mean by the layered jacket, is that it is a jacket that has a double partial layer in the front. This makes it look like you are wearing a sweatshirt underneath the jacket when in reality you are just wearing one layer. What’s great about these layered jackets is that you also have two sets of zippers, one for the “sweatshirt” part of the jacket and one for the actual jacket.

Now there are so many reasons that I love this type of jacket. The first reason that I absolutely love this type of jacket is that I have always loved the whole layering idea. I think when you layer clothes, it make an outfit so much more interesting and it adds a certain feeling of nonchalance. However, it is super hard to layer clothes. Whenever I do it, I end up looking like Randy Parker (Ralphie’s younger brother) in a Christmas Story, a giant ball of winter clothes who cannot put their arms down.

Randy Parker in his many layers.

So, this type of layer jacket gives you the look of layering without the actual layers. You can choose to only zip the sweatshirt portion of the jacket  so other people think you are wearing a sweatshirt underneath your jacket without the actual bulk.

The second reason I really love this style of jacket is how versatile it can be. For some of these jackets you can actually remove the inner partial layer of the jacket so it looks like you have a completely different jacket. For example, if you take Anthropologie’s Layered Campus Jacket, you can wear the jacket with the insert and pair it with jeans for a very casual day look. However, you can also remove the insert and it looks like a professional blazer that you could wear to work. Anytime you can make a piece of clothing do double duty is a MAJOR PLUS in my opinion.

The third and final reason I love this trend is because even though for some of these jackets the inner layer is only a partial layer, I still think it will keep you somewhat warm. One the biggest times I feel cold in the winter is when I rush out the door without zipping up my winter coat and the cold wind just blows through my open coat chilling me to the bone. However, I don’t always like zipping up my long winter coat, because I know in five minutes I’m just going to get in my car and driving with a zipped up long winter coat is hard and super uncomfortable. However, because these jackets have two layers in the front, I can zip up both of these layers to keep my chest warm, instead of my winter coat, and not worry about the wind blowing straight through.

So, these are the three main reasons why I am in totally in love with this trend. Unfortunately, I haven’t found that many places that carry this kind of jacket for women. I see it all the time with men’s fashion, but so far my Pinterest board for this trend is a little bare. Feel free to check out the styles I have found so far, and please leave me a comment if you see any of these kinds of jackets anywhere. I will also continue to keep my Pinterest board updated and I really hope this trend takes off either this year or next.




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