IbtSW- Super cute Supergirl

At first I was not a huge fan of the show Supergirl. Now I was a HUGE fan of the show Smallville on the WB (back when it was still called WB and not CW) when I was in high school. It was one of my favorite shows. I tuned in every single week to watch young Clark Kent save the world from his high school classmates, who turned crazy after coming in contact with the Kryptonite that fell to earth when he did. Now I have to admit that casting Tom Welling to play Clark Kent was probably one of the biggest reasons I watched the show (so HOT!), but the show was also pretty well written (at least for the first few seasons in my opinion), it was gritty when it needed to be, and it was an interesting take on how Clark Kent became Superman.

However, when I saw the pilot for Supergirl, I was not impressed. The show seemed a little too clean, a little too cheery, and a little too bright. Once, I started watching it however, I did feel a little differently. Overall, the show concept is pretty good and dida pretty good job casting. I actually didn’t like Melissa Benoist when she was in Glee ( I thought she was an extremely weak character compared to some of the strong female leads that came before her), but I think she does a good job pulling off Kara Danvers. But of course, what really drew me in was none other than the outfits that Kara Danvers wears when she is working at CatCo. Kara Danvers has really simple, clean outfits that are super cute and preppy. What I love most about her clothes are how she uses bold blocks of color in each of her outfits. And after doing some searching online, her clothing items are actually very accessible. Most of her pieces come from J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gap and Ann Taylor, with occasional pieces from Club Monaco, which means that her outfits are perfect for the girl who wants to look super professional for work, but maybe doesn’t have thousands to spend on a professional wardrobe. Also, since her pieces are fairly simple, it would be very easy to mix and match the pieces to make even more outfits, making it seem like you have way more clothes than you actually have. Check out my Pinterest board of all the pieces that Kara Danvers wears. These are the pieces that I have found so far, and I will continue to update it as I find more, or as more episodes air.




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