Friday Fashion Trend #23

For most of my life I have shied away from wearing button down shirts. For some reason, I never thought they flattered me. One of the major reasons would have to be because I have a nice sized chest, and I hated that every time I wore a button down shirt I would get the dreaded button down gaping. And yes, I know that you can sew a secret button on the inside of your button panel, but honestly, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! Or I would forget to sew the button on right away, and then when I wanted to wear the shirt I couldn’t because I didn’t have time then to sew the button on, so the shirt would just lie in a sad little corner of my closet, taking up space and collecting dust. However, I’ve recently discovered a love for layering and I love how a button down shirt looks peeking out from under a cropped sweater. I especially love folding the sleeves of the button down over a sweater because I think it adds cute visual interest. And I know that if I’m covering the button down with a sweater, then who cares if there is gaping at the chest area, but like I’m always saying, I want my clothes to always be pulling double duty, so that means I want to wear my button downs by themselves as well. Recently, I’ve found some ways to wear button downs that prevent gaping (but that’s for another time), which means I’ve had nothing but button downs on my mind recently. Which brings me to today’s Friday Fashion Trend – White Button Downs with a Twist that are perfect for this spring.

I have always loved a crisp white button down to wear in the spring. Classic white button downs literally go with everything! Pair it with jeans and sneakers for a laid back easy going feel. Wear it with a full midi skirt and a killer pair of pumps to boost your self confidence in any professional situation. And like I mentioned above, it is perfect for layering and keeping yourself warm in colder weathers. However, the basic white button down can get a little boring sometimes, which is why this Spring it is all about the White Button Down with a Twist.

Below are a few of my favorite ones that I have seen so far.

  1. The extra long button down: I am in LOVE with this kind of white button down. As you know, I am on the tall side, and a lot of times button down shirts are too short and I have a hard time tucking them in when I want to. All it takes is me to raise one hand and the damn thing comes popping out or starts riding up. So, having a shirt with an extra long hem means that I now finally have enough shirt to tuck it. And, when on days that don’t want to tuck in, I can wear it out and it’s just an extra long button down and would pair perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans. If you are on the shorter side, you can also wear this button down belted as a dress.
  2. The asymmetrical hem button down: Recently I have loved tucking in the front of my t-shirts, button downs, basically any kind of top, and leaving the back out. I think it adds so much visual interest to an outfit, and again just creates this effortless chic aesthetic. And these button downs were specifically meant for that.
  3. The belted wrap button down:   I actually found a few of these online and posted them on my Pinterest board. I love how they have an extra piece of fabric that wraps around at the waist and cinches a little creating a wonderful shape to what could normally be a slightly boxy white button down.

These are just a few of the White Button Downs with a Twist that I am coveting for Spring. I can totally imagine myself wearing one of these button down shirts with a sick pair of white jeans to knock the socks off everyone this Spring. Please check out my Pinterest Board to see other options that are available and please follow my blog, or follow my boards on Pinterest.




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