FFT #29 – Showing Off the Shoulder


Hey Guys! I know I haven’t posted anything since April of 2016, but I think I’m back. I say “think” only because life has gotten even more complicated and crazy than before. My job has eaten away at even more of life these past few months and personal family reasons have made life that much more hectic. Even with all the craziness going on, I’ve discovered an even greater need for me to take a step back and do something that I am really interested in, because if I don’t, I know one day I am just going to snap and lose it all. So, I have chosen to restart my blog and hopefully this time I will be able to keep up with it. For everyone who still kept visiting my blog even though nothing new was posted, thank you for your continued support and I hope now that I am updating it, you will actually have something worth supporting.

For the first Friday Fashion Trend in almost 9 months, I would like to start with a trend that I think is going to be everywhere for spring of 2017, which is Showing off your Shoulders. It is no surprise that exposed shoulders and spring/summer go together so well. Exposed shoulders are the perfect way to show some skin, while still keeping it classy. And unlike other parts of your body (abs, muffin tops, etc.) your shoulders almost always look good. They are also the perfect way to show off your clavicle (collar bone), which I personally don’t think gets enough credit sometimes. Simply dab a little highlighter on them and watch them shine. While last year’s trend was all about the off the shoulder top, this year’s take is a little different. Continue reading below to see three trends that allow you to Show some shoulder with a twist.

Trend #1: Peekaboo Arm Slit

While some have completely embraced of idea of releasing your shoulders from their confinement, others have been more hesitant to let it all bare out. For these girls, this is the perfect trend for you. These tops have a small slit or triangle cut out at the front of the upper arm, which allows you to show the perfect amount of skin, while still keeping it super classy.

Trend #2: Single Shoulder Cutout or Sleeve Cutout

The Single Shoulder Cutout trend has actually evolved from another trend we have seen these last few seasons, and that’s the double shoulder cutout trend. The Double shoulder cutout trend has actually been huge not only as a spring/summer trend, but as a winter trend as well. However, this year’s spin on this trend is tops that only have one shoulder cutout. Create a little asymmetry and visual interest by wearing a shirt with only one shoulder cutout as opposed to two.

Trend #3: Single Shoulder Tops

The last way to show off your shoulders this year is to wear a One Shoulder top (or dress). These are the perfect for girls who never really embraced the whole off the shoulder tops, but still want to show some skin every once in a while. What’s perfect about these shirts is that unlike off the shoulder tops which could only be worn casually or as evening wear, Single Shoulder Tops can be worn for almost any occasion due to the extra coverage. Choose a metallic or embroidered one for a night out, a flowy version when hanging out with friends and then my favorite take on this trend, the deconstructed shirting ones, which are perfect for work. These shirts look like you are intentionally wearing a shirt half up and half down. They make the wearer look super chic and laid back (with this like I don’t give a F*** attitude) while still looking super put together.



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