Anthropologie Carmela Beaded Drop Earrings

This week project is the Anthropologie Carmela Beaded Drop Earrings. I would like to start off this week’s tutorial by prefacing that I did take some creative liberties when I tried to recreate these earrings. What really caught my eye were the black bead tassels at the bottom of the earrings, and that I made... Continue Reading →


I’m BACK!!! (fingers crossed)

Hey guys! I'm back and looking back on my blog, I realized that the last time I posted on this site was a little more than 12 months ago. 2017 really kicked my butt big time. I had a lot of things going on with my family. A family member close to me had some... Continue Reading →

IbtSW – Fashions to DIE for

Fashions to DIE for by prettylttlpieces featuring Gucci So I've been looking forward to Fall TV since, well since all my shows ended in the spring and left me on edge and freaking out with nothing to watch. One show that I was really looking forward to watching this fall, based on all the hype... Continue Reading →

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