Anthropologie Greenwich Drop Earrings DIY

Hey guys and if you haven't noticed, we are going to switch it up a little today. Rather than just blogging about fashion trends, I have decided that I am going to start incorporating something I really love, which is making my own jewelry. The piece we are going to recreate is Anthropologie's Greenwich Drop... Continue Reading →


FFT #33 – Embellished Handbag Strap

Spring of 2018 is the season for BAGS. A few weeks ago I wrote a small piece about the “IT” bag of the spring season – the modern, cool fanny pack, and this week I will be keeping with the bag theme by talking about a hot accessory also associated with the bag. Last week... Continue Reading →

FFT #32 – Fanny Packs

I was recently browsing the different runway shows at NY fashion week online of course (I wish I was there in person, but alas I am just not important enough to score an invite). So my next few blog posts are going to be about the different fashion trends I noticed, that could be a... Continue Reading →

FFT #29 – Showing Off the Shoulder

  Hey Guys! I know I haven’t posted anything since April of 2016, but I think I’m back. I say “think” only because life has gotten even more complicated and crazy than before. My job has eaten away at even more of life these past few months and personal family reasons have made life that... Continue Reading →

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